26th Birthday

If you are not getting tired out today, you will not succeed tomorrow.


It has been a very long period before I write something. When I touch the keyboard, my brain goes empty. I can hardly remember I'd like to be a poet, a novelist. Turned back to those words I wrote every 生日 day, too negative too naive. Perhaps those days could be the worst of all my half life, more behind that are catharses. Just as, I began to hate the guy I see in the mirror, fat, dark, and ugly.

Around with Life, Work and Love things for long, it's time to have a new style.

Life Love and Work things

The game of life is hard to play. It's not a easy thing to describe and I choose to leave it unsaid. However to draw a conclusion, there hadn't been anything important happened during the past year.

Progress - Things I've done.

In the Non-Technical field, dabbling in many areas especially the economy, the psychology, the IoT industries and products and user experiences.

What a load of crap. Altough it's the truth.

The ideal is the ideal and the reality is the reality. The best way to evaluate the improvement of a person in a period of time, is to calculate how much value had he created and how much benefits had he brought to ralated.

In another way, most things I done make no sense. And they are far awawy from I expected. In general, most things done are simple, and simple things go well.

It's ashamed to say, the progress I'm struggling with usually comes in a easy way and be made to another easier way. What I hope to deal with, is something hard and tough.

Process - Things I'm doing.

No need to say, the work is always around server-side things. Major in Open API Platform and Admin Dashboard Management System. Keywords: DevOps, Full Stack, Algorithm, Performance, Security, Concurrency, Data Analysis.

As I just said, repeating simple things. And it's time to make some changes, and do something new, something creative.

Except main job, lerning team cooperation and management is the top thing, 'coz it's a weakness of mine.

When not on the job, there is barely good news.

Program - Things I'll do.

I'm not a hero, I can't save the world. On the road making a better world for myself, my beloved and then perhaps the whole world.

There is a list doing and todo for the following year.

  1. Read several books, such as humor stories, poems, technical and so on.
  2. Go on a trip, distance over 1000km.
  3. Review English.
  4. Enhance the job position.
  5. Improve living habits.
  6. Start a relationship.

Maybe it's not a hard thing, to build a home up I need, to gain the the security sense I lost. However it's not so easy.

Start Over

Memories are always a bit of bitter. When it comes to the begones, it seems some negative but in fact I'm affirmative. I like plans and I have a clear sense of direction. Write less, do more.

To be Willin, is to be willing.

The End